Forex Trading from Bangladesh

Forex Trading from Bangladesh

What is Forex and how it works?

Forex stands on Foreign Exchange. That means Buying and Selling Foreign Currencies like USD, EURO, CAD, and GBP and some commodities like Gold, Silver and Petroleum as well. There are four major International Markets for Forex. They are New York market, London market, Tokyo market and Sydney market.

Forex market never sleeps. It works 5 and half days a week as 24 hours a day. Over 4 trillion USD turns over on every working day in Forex market. There are very clean and clear transaction systems. A large number of Govt. and established Non Govt. financial institutions are participating in Forex Trading.

Few years ago only Big Financial Institutions were eligible for Forex Trading. No retail participation was allowed. But now they allowed small investors for Forex Trading under an authorized Forex Broker. Now we can do Forex Trading from Bangladesh also.

Forex Brokers can be a Big or Small financial institutions under the strict supervision of Govt. of the concerned Countries. Any kinds of unauthorized or fraudulent activities are punished by the said authorities.

Now a day Forex Brokers are operating their business over the internet using various kinds of electronic money processors. Anybody from anywhere can invest with them by a small amount of money starting from the 10 USD.

Forex trading is a specialized work. There is a strong necessity of getting Forex trading training called “Technical Analysis”. A large number of Tutorials are available on Technical Analysis over the net.  Without getting Technical Analysis knowledge Forex Trading might be very risky. Some online Brokers have demo account to practice the whole trading system for free.

Forex Trading from Bangladesh

This is a new topic on Bangladeshi online arena. Everybody wants to know that how to do Forex Trading from Bangladesh. There is a good number of people are doing this kind of online currency business. This is a highly risky job for newbie. Advance training is strongly recommended.

A huge number of Forex Brokers are flying over the net. But few of them are authentic. There is a chance of SCAMMING. Everybody should read a top ranked Forex Brokers review site to choose the safest one. Google search is the best way to find them.

How to invest or withdraw funds from Bangladesh?

This is an old song which will never stop. Fund withdrawing from Bangladesh is ok in some extent. But it is impossible to load fund to your online account from Bangladesh through any banking channel.

But some alternatives are may be possible to arrange. If anyone has a relatives living abroad who can load funds for you through Paypal, Moneybookers Skrill, AlertPay Payza or some other ways. If anyone works for freelancing jobs who can use his online income for Forex Trading from Bangladesh.

A few number of Forex Broker House or franchise are starting their business in Bangladesh. They are offering fixed income plans also. But before investment everybody have to confirm that they are authorized by Bangladesh Govt. Otherwise any fraud can be happened.

Forex Trading is always risky and challenging from everywhere. But it could be done successfully by a qualified Technical Analyst. It is quite possible to earn a good amount of money by doing Forex Trading from Bangladesh.

Warning: Forex Trading from Bangladesh is highly risky business. Investors are solely responsible for any kind of financial damage.