How to get first job on Upwork

How to get first job on Upwork

How to get first job on Upwork from Bangladesh

How to get first job on Upwork – this is a Million Dollar question. There is no absolute answer of this question. But it should have a effective and tricky answer. It happens when a Client may depends on a new contractor. What are the reasons for picking up a newbie without any Upwork experience and feedback score? What is the point of view of that Client? We have to find the key reason and get the answer form the Client’s side. Let’s research and make some points.

    • At first, any Client want their project to be completed successfully by the deadline.
    • Secondly they prefer cost effectiveness. They try to make their project cheaper.

So, a contractor should be capable of doing a job successfully, fast and cheaply. But how a new contractor prove him/herself that he/she can do this perfectly? What would be the way of applying for a job?

There is a lot of quality contractors available on Upwork. Most of them are experienced and they are keeping good feedback scores. But few of them are keeping their Hourly or Fixed Price Rate low.

We think, we got the point. The key reason is Hourly or Fixed Price Rate. It should be lower as much as possible. And after getting your first job you can increase it according to your feedback score. One more thing to be considered is writing a good Cover Letter.

How to get first job on Upwork

How to write a killer Cover Letter?

Cover Letter is a very important part of your job application. You should know how to write a effective Cover Letter to attract the Client. Here are some tips:

    • Cover Letter should be well written without any grammatical mistake.
    • Describe your all expertise clearly. There should be no false statement.
    • Don’t use template. Write different Cover Letter for different jobs.
    • Perfectly answer the all questions from job description. Don’t try to be over smart. Be polite.
    • Never beg for a job. Just try to convince the Client that you are the best fit.
    • Write your availability on net and how many hours you can work in a week.
    • Using Skype is a huge plus. If you can speak in English normally (not good enough) then write down your Skype ID in the Cover Letter.
    • Finally you may add your profile URL link if you have any previous work examples (outside of Upwork) on your portfolio.

 So, we may come to the conclusion that offering a low Hourly or Fixed Price rate with a killer Cover Letter enhances the true chance to get the first job. That’s all. Now you know how to get first job on Upwork.

Happy Freelancing !!!